The No Peek Change Towel - Change privately in public...go from wet to dry on the fly!
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The No Peek Change Towel was designed to provide surfers and water sport enthusiasts with a simple, effective way to change with COMPLETE privacy. 
Simply step into the 100% absorbent terry cotton wrap-around towel, slide the elastic waist up, tighten the draw cord, remove your wet bathing suit, dry off, then insert hands into side slits, and change clothes.
The secret to The No Peek Change Towel is the custom designed side slits, similar to pockets, that enable the user to access their clothing underneath the towel, completely hidden from any prying eyes. No buttons to rust, no sand filled velcro to mess with.
Other change towels look like a dress or have large side slits that are wide open, these expose your ass-ets. The No Peek is long enough to completely cover ladies  from under their arms down to their knees, but short enough, when worn at the waist.
The No Peek Change Towel is a MUST HAVE  it allows you to go  from wet to dry on the fly!
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The No Peek Change Towel is the HOTTEST watersport accessory out!                           
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