The No Peek Change Towel - Change privately in public...go from wet to dry on the fly!
           The No Peek Change  Towel
The No Peek ChangeTowel the solution to changing clothes privately on the beach, at the pool, even in the locker room. Stop struggling with an ordinary towel, when there's an easier way. A Must have for any athlete, especially the cyclist.!
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Easy and Totally Private
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Help your children maintain modesty.
The No Peek Change Towel allows children and adults to change clothes in public, while maintaining TOTAL PRIVACYThis towel not only provides you with a private changing area, it also DOUBLES as a drying aid. The No Peek can be used with any type of beach wear, including wet suits. Don't settle for one of those imitation towels that will expose you with a breeze, or is bulky and won't dry. No more embarassing moments! 
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